7 Inspirations For Instagram Captions And Post For A Week

Instagram Captions For A Week

Being an influencer means having a lot of problem before posting a new photo to Instagram. There will be many things to consider. So, it will much easier if an influencer has a schedule for a week post. From Sunday to Saturday. So every theme is unique and there will be no repetition in a week.

Instagram Captions And Post For A Week

Here are 7 ideas to make Instagram captions and post for a week.

  1. Monday Quotes

Monday always look so hard to start. Many people hate Monday. But if you want to be an influencer, you can not hate any days.

Start the day to spread happiness and great motivation on a post. Give quotes in Instagram captions. Like “may you have a blessed Monday”. Or as simple as ” have a great day friend!”. This maybe means a lot to some follower.

  1. Quick Tips

Then an Instagram post will be much useful if has tips inside. You can choose the tips that you’ve done before. Like maybe a way to get rid of fungal acne, or how to apply foundation to look natural and etc.

Giving some advice about little things may look like little things. Don’t be too perfect because you want to give a big impact for one follower. Just make sure you try to give new information that may be can help people’s little problem.

  1. Current Business

The third idea is telling the follower what is your bustle nowadays. This is a kind of giving them an update, but also a way to do a promotion.

For example, if you just go to a new business or selling something you can post a photo of production progress. Then the captions can describe what is the purpose of your business or how to get the product. Doing a day of marketing is good too for business purpose. So don’t worry to post this marketing Instagram post and caption.

  1. Things Can’t Live Without

An influencer is followed because they are smart or something. For example a beauty, fashion, motivator influencer or etc.

Beauty influencer, of course, being followed by people because they understand more about makeup or skin care. This post aims to tell people what things can’t live without.

It can be holy grail skincare or an awesome lipstick. Don’t forget to write what is special about the product so people can learn something from this Instagram captions.

  1. Food Recipe

Food Recipe

Simple food recipe is everyone favorite. In the day of the week, you can post about simple food that easy to cook. Write the recipe in captions. Make sure to give the step to make it so people will like to recook the recipe.

  1. Outfit Of The Day

OOTD is one of the popular posts on Instagram. People like to update outfit they wear that day on the Instagram story.

One day in a week, you can post it to the feed. And give a helpful caption about how to mix and match the clothes to go somewhere. For example, outfit to go to campus, for an interview, or maybe to join the party.

  1. Favorite Hangout Place

Everybody Loves hangout, so don’t forget to update your favorite cafe or mall. Tell people what is the best menu there or what things can do. Write it down clearly in captions.

Those seven ideas to make Instagram captions can help people easier to manage Instagram post for a week. They can repeat it for the next week as the schedule, or just randomize the idea so the follower will be curious and wait for the next post.