Is Bluestacks Free And Safe to Use?


Bluestacks App Player is an application that has become popular these past few years. With the app, users can control and run what they usually do from their phones to computers. The only thing people need to do is download the app and install it on their computer. Once this step is done, people can start using Android apps on their computers. However, one of the main concerns people are asking is Bluestacks free and is it safe to use on computers?

Bluestacks app is free to download for anyone that needs it. People can download them online from their official website. This is the best way to download it because it is free and safe. So, what are the other advantages and benefits of the app? And is Bluestacks free the only free benefit that people can get?

Is Bluestacks Free And Safe to Use

1. Free Download

A frequently asked question is Bluestacks free and is Bluestacks safe, the answer is Yes. Download Bluestacks from its official website where it is free and safe. The app itself is safe to use, however, the uncertain links and the contents of the link are what others can’t determine. So, rather than looking for an unclear source, download Bluestack straight from its web. It is also free, and people can update their version when a new version is out.

2. Free Update

Bluestacks 4

The company is always developing the app based on the needs of its users. Until today, the company has released 4 versions of the app, having more features that people can enjoy. Therefore, when a new version is out, people will just need to reinstall the old version and install the new one. No memories or data will be lost during this change, however, make sure to save them all first.

3. Upgrade Storage

Another free thing people can get from the app is allocating more memory in the app. By upgrading and adding more memory, people can get a smoother performance on their Bluestacks. Anyone can upgrade their Blustacks only if they have Bluestacks Version 3 or higher. If your version is not this high, then make sure to update it first. All you need to do to get more memory on the app is by going to Setting and choosing the menu Engine. Then swipe the amount of memory you want to use with the app. The changes will be seen after restarting the app.

4. Speed Up Bluestacks

Some of the problems people face are the slow response of Bluestacks. If you are one of these people, you don’t need to worry because you can speed it up. One of the ways to do it is by disabling antivirus software when you are using it. You can turn on the software when you are downloading, but other times it is better to turn it off.

5. Free Downloading Apps

Just like in the Android system, people can download free apps using Bluestacks. There are more than 1.5 million Android games that people can download and play on their PC. Even flash games are available for free in this app.

So, for those who are concern is Bluestacks free, it is, and people can even upgrade their memory for free. So, after a certain time, if your memory is starting to get full all you need to do is upgrade the memory. With the advantages and benefits, no wonder Bluestacks is becoming a competitor to other apps.

Can Lemongrass Grow In The Shade? Let’s Find The Answer

Lemongrass Grow In The Shade

Lemongrass is one of the most popular herbs that anyone can plant on. As long as you have enough open space to plant it on, then you’ll be able to grow it. That’s because lemongrass plants prefer a warm and humid environment with enough sunlight. But, what if you don’t have enough open field to plant it? Also, does lemongrass can grow in the shade? In this article, you’ll find the answer.

Before we proceed, it’s important to know how to grow lemongrass properly before you find out how to harvest lemongrass. In this case, the best environment leads to optimal harvesting. So, it’s quite necessary to understand the environmental conditions that can affect the growth of lemongrass.

Best Environment To Grow Lemongrass

If you want to get optimum growth, it’s important to give extra attention to its environment. Originally, lemongrass is a tropical climate native. So, one of the crucial factors that affect the growth of lemongrass is the temperature. In this case, it requires warm and humid temperatures and regular frequent rainfall throughout the year. Also, the efficient temperature to grow the lemongrass is between 22°C to 32°C.

Moreover, air humidity should be around 85%. Also, lemongrass plants need a sufficient supply of sunlight (full sun plant). In this case, it needs at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight every day. However, it prefers a direct and full sunlight because it can increase its oil levels. So, it’s better to put them in an open area. But, does lemongrass can grow in the shade, and will it grow well too?

Can Lemongrass Grow In The Shade Well?

So, the question is: does lemongrass can grow in the shade? Luckily, yes it can. Although lemongrass grows best in full sunlight, a sunny area with partial shade can be an alternative. Thus, lemongrass is quite forgiving and easy to take care of. As long as the temperature stays warm and humid, the shade wouldn’t be a problem for lemongrass to grow.

However, under a shade, lemongrass might not grow as well as in a warm environment due to its tropical nature.  However, you still put the plants beside a patio or under the shade of big tall trees. Also, make sure you plant them in an outdoor area and bright place even if you put them in pots or poly bags. That’s because they can grow very quickly and get shaggy as well.

Moreover, if you live in a colder area and you just can’t do anything with the weather and climate, then don’t need to worry. The lemongrass can’t stand the cold weather well, but in some scenarios, it can survive. Thus, if the winter gets too cold, it’ll become dormant. In this case, you still grow this plant in full shade even indoors. Well, to answer if lemongrass can grow in the shade, then the answer is yes, it can. 

Now we know the answer to the question; does lemongrass can grow in the shade. As we know, lemongrass is an herb that is very easy to grow and take care of. Even so, if you want the best growth, you should pay more attention to its growing environment, like lighting. As a tropical climate native, lemongrass indeed grows best in full sun. But remember, even if the lemongrass prefers a dry climate, make sure the soil is barely moist.