Have a New PC? Download This Essential Software

While you are buying the new PC, have you thought about what kind of software you should have? Besides the Microsoft office, you should figure out about the software you need to have on your PC.

The Essential Software for New PC

These are the essential software you should have on your new PC:

  • Internet Browser

You should have at least one internet browser in your new PC. Many people like to use Google Chrome as their main internet browser because it is super-speedy and easy to use.

While you don’t use any internet browser on your PC, it will make you get difficult to browse any information you need. Thus, there are many options of internet browsers you can use like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and many more.

  • Cloud Storage

This day, many people like to use cloud storage because it claims more safety than the ordinary storage. There are many cloud storage options you can use like Dropbox.

While you are using the Dropbox for the first time, you will get 2 GB free but you can increase the storage based on what you need. It also helps you to share the files in an easier way. Thus, you need to use one of the cloud storages to help you store all the files in your PC in the right way.

  • Music Streaming

Listening to music is one of the relaxing activities which many people love to do, and perhaps you do. If you don’t want to get out of date about the hits songs, you should install the music streaming for PC.

It helps you to get the music whenever you need it. You just have to prepare the internet connection for it. There are some options for music streaming you can download and install. One of them is Spotify for PC.

  • Office Suite

If you need to work with the presentations, spreadsheets, and documents at the same time, you need to have the office suite software. It helps you to do multitasking for office in more advanced way. It will not make your PC goes slow down while you open up all the office files you need. One of the office suite software for PC you can use is LibreOffice.

  • Image Editor

Even though you are not using the PC for editing activities, you still need it for certain situation. If you have sensitive information on the photos that you would like to share with the others, you can blur it to keep the information safe. You still need the Image Editor software to help you get the image manipulation for certain situation.

For this software, you can use the Paint.NET. It helps you to blur certain parts of an image with the auto0level photo which can make the photo looks better, and so on.

  • Security

This is one of the most important software you should have in your new PC. The security software will help you to secure all files in your PC from any virus which comes from outside or even inside the file itself. There are many advanced security software you can use start from the free until the paid one.

  • Media Player

The last is media player. This is one of the most essential software which you have to use on your new PC. It is used for watching the video or films with the format file of MP4 and many more. There are many software options you can use on your PC. There are GOM, FLV, and many more.

It is all the essential software you should have on your new PC. Outside of the Microsoft software, of course, those shouldn’t miss to have. They will help you to do your job in the best way.