[Tips] How To Clean Headphone Jack Easily!

Headphone Jack

Fewer people care about the cleanliness of the headphone jack. Even though this hole is very useful and can be easily exposed to dirt. This dirt can cause noise, and make the music to be disturbed and get worse. If the headphone jack is left dirty, the headphones can also be damaged.

How To Clean Headphone Jack Easily

Here are some steps of how to clean headphone jack easily.

Using Cotton Swab

Cotton Swab

Cotton swab which contains cotton and a slim stick is very useful to do a lot of things. It help woman do their make up, clean the dirt and etc. Here are the steps of how to clean headphone jack, using a cotton swab, and alcohol, or baby oil.

  1. Blow The Dust

The first and easiest things to do is blowing the dust. You can simply blow with your mouth. Or use the headphone jack cleaner with a spray bottle.

This spray bottle usually equipped with little straw to blow air into a tiny hole. Some phone has a specific hole near the headphone jack to clean them. But if your phone doesn’t have it, simply blow direct to the headphone jack.

  1. Take A Litle Size Cotton Swab

If there still some dirt left, do the second step which needs a cotton swab. Choose the tiniest cotton swab so it can enter the headphone jack. If there is no cotton swab, you can use cotton for the face. Then roll it to a small size.

  1. Put Into the Headphone Jack

Put the swab into the headphone jack and rub slowly. Don’t rub it to strong because it may damage the metal or component inside the headphone jack. Then if this way still cannot remove the dirt, do the next step of how to clean headphone jack below.

  1. Use Alcohol

Medical alcohol can make the dirt remove easier. But not all people have it. You can also use baby oil to replace alcohol. Put the cotton swab into the alcohol or baby oil. Then rub it into the headphone jack. Baby oil will make the dirt smooth, and stick to the cotton swab.

  1. Dry The Headphone Jack

After lifting the dirt in the headphone jack, don’t forget to dry it. Rub it slowly with dry cotton or cloth, and make sure the baby oil is gone.

Use Duct Tape

Duct Tape

Another tool you can use is duck tape and wire. This is how you can clean the headphone jack with these tools.

  1. Install the Duct Tape. Install the duct tape around the end of the wire. Face the sticky part out. This sticky part will make the dirt stick into it.
  2. Clean The Headphone Jack. Insert the wire with duct tape inside the headphone jack. Then stick it to the dirt. Make sure to do it smoothly, because if you rub it and force too much strength to it, the headphone jack may be damaged.

After that, you should clean your headphone too. The end of the cable may carry some dirt while it stored in your pocket or bag.

Rub it with tissue and then try to check the sound quality. The clean headphone jack will give clearer sound and make your day brighter. It also avoids a foreign matter and fine dust into the mobile components.

Do this headphone jack cleaning as a routine. Maybe once every 3 days is good enough to make your headphone jack and phone stay clean.