How To Fix Error Code 0x800704ec On Windows Defender

How To Fix Error Code 0x800704ec

Having an error device such as error windows, smartphone, and many others are a bad time for many people. Especially if we need to use the PC or smartphone for something important. Therefore, we need to fix all problems including errors. There are a lot of kinds of errors, some of them are error code 0x800704ec. Let’s have a discussion about how to fix error code 0x800704ec and what we can do if we face that error code. Here is the way.

What does Error Code 0x800704ec Mean Actually?

Error code 0x800704ec is a kind of problem and error on the windows defender problem. This error commonly happens when someone turns on the windows. When the computer has error code 0x800704ec, it will show you a message which contains the information about the blocking program by the policy group and you should call the administrator for more information about the error. In that message also contains the error code 0x800704ec which determines the error code 0x800704ec of windows defender.

The cause of error code 0x800704ec is more than one. Sometimes, it is caused by antivirus software, damage registration files, and a corrupted policy group. When you face this error code 0x800704ec, you don’t need to worry. It is still able to be fixed in the following ways.

The Way How To Fix Error Code 0x800704ec

There are some ways to fix error code 0x800704ec. You may try one of them by yourself at home or bring it to a PC doctor or computer service.

1. Enable The Service Of Windows Defender

Enable The Service Of Windows Defender

First, push the windows key and R together in order to open the Run box. In the run box, type the words ‘service.mcs’ and push enter. After that, you will see the popup window then you need to find all the system which is related to windows defender service. After you find them, click all of them one by one and choose ‘start option’.  The last step is, restart your PC and turn it on again in order to check whether the error code 0x800704ec has fixed or not.

2. Uninstall The Temporary Antivirus Software

The first step to fix error code 0x800704ec by uninstalling the temporary antivirus software is to open the control panel. After that, you should click the options program and uninstall the program. Then, find temporary antivirus software. Lastly, click the software and choose ‘uninstall the program’.

3. Change The Group Policy Setting

The last way is changing the group policy setting. First, open the local group policy editor by typing gpedit.msc on the run box. Open the computer configuration, administrative templates, windows components, then, windows defender antivirus. After opening the windows defender antivirus, you will face the option ‘turn off’. Double click on that button, apply, and OK to continue.

After that, you need to restart your PC and power it on again to check the error code 0x800704ec whether it is already fixed or not.

To sum up, every single thing that occurs to your PC is able to be fixed. Don’t be worried and try to fix them wisely. You may wonder about how to fix error code 0x800704ec just for a while then fix it immediately.