[Tips] How To Clean Headphone Jack Easily!

Headphone Jack

Fewer people care about the cleanliness of the headphone jack. Even though this hole is very useful and can be easily exposed to dirt. This dirt can cause noise, and make the music to be disturbed and get worse. If the headphone jack is left dirty, the headphones can also be damaged.

How To Clean Headphone Jack Easily

Here are some steps of how to clean headphone jack easily.

Using Cotton Swab

Cotton Swab

Cotton swab which contains cotton and a slim stick is very useful to do a lot of things. It help woman do their make up, clean the dirt and etc. Here are the steps of how to clean headphone jack, using a cotton swab, and alcohol, or baby oil.

  1. Blow The Dust

The first and easiest things to do is blowing the dust. You can simply blow with your mouth. Or use the headphone jack cleaner with a spray bottle.

This spray bottle usually equipped with little straw to blow air into a tiny hole. Some phone has a specific hole near the headphone jack to clean them. But if your phone doesn’t have it, simply blow direct to the headphone jack.

  1. Take A Litle Size Cotton Swab

If there still some dirt left, do the second step which needs a cotton swab. Choose the tiniest cotton swab so it can enter the headphone jack. If there is no cotton swab, you can use cotton for the face. Then roll it to a small size.

  1. Put Into the Headphone Jack

Put the swab into the headphone jack and rub slowly. Don’t rub it to strong because it may damage the metal or component inside the headphone jack. Then if this way still cannot remove the dirt, do the next step of how to clean headphone jack below.

  1. Use Alcohol

Medical alcohol can make the dirt remove easier. But not all people have it. You can also use baby oil to replace alcohol. Put the cotton swab into the alcohol or baby oil. Then rub it into the headphone jack. Baby oil will make the dirt smooth, and stick to the cotton swab.

  1. Dry The Headphone Jack

After lifting the dirt in the headphone jack, don’t forget to dry it. Rub it slowly with dry cotton or cloth, and make sure the baby oil is gone.

Use Duct Tape

Duct Tape

Another tool you can use is duck tape and wire. This is how you can clean the headphone jack with these tools.

  1. Install the Duct Tape. Install the duct tape around the end of the wire. Face the sticky part out. This sticky part will make the dirt stick into it.
  2. Clean The Headphone Jack. Insert the wire with duct tape inside the headphone jack. Then stick it to the dirt. Make sure to do it smoothly, because if you rub it and force too much strength to it, the headphone jack may be damaged.

After that, you should clean your headphone too. The end of the cable may carry some dirt while it stored in your pocket or bag.

Rub it with tissue and then try to check the sound quality. The clean headphone jack will give clearer sound and make your day brighter. It also avoids a foreign matter and fine dust into the mobile components.

Do this headphone jack cleaning as a routine. Maybe once every 3 days is good enough to make your headphone jack and phone stay clean.

Smadav Antivirus and How to Choose the Right One?

Smadav Antivirus

If you are thinking about including Smadav program in your security system and protection, you should also make a comparison to other programs. The best thing to know whether a program is best for you or not is to make a careful and wise comparison. You need to have several candidates or options and then compare them all. Only by doing so, you can narrow down your options by learning some of the strength and also flaws.

Smadav and Its Features

When we are talking about antivirus or anti-malware program, we are generally talking about each specification and features of the software. Keep in mind that each program has its own specialties and possible downsides. Whereas one program is known for its extra complete features, others may be known for the simple operation or for the real-time update. Basically, each program has its own strength so you need to choose wisely.

Smadav is known to be quite powerful in performing scans, especially for flash drives or other external devices. But then again, it is mainly designed as the additional antivirus program. It means that Smadav isn’t created to be the main antivirus protection but for backup service. If you have the main security system, then having Smadav program can be quite beneficial and powerful. In fact, if you can combine the main antivirus program with Smadav, you can gain the extra protective benefits. You can protect the entire system and you can also enjoy the extra simplicity. It’s like having several perks that can be beneficial for your computer.

But if you want to have Smadav 2020 Antivirus as your main security system, then you may deal with some possible risks. This software isn’t quite powerful for the main antivirus program. There are some possible flaws that may impact your enjoyment and security expectation. For instance, Smadav program can only be used to scan, detect, and identify popular files. If the files are unusual or if the program doesn’t know the familiar format, then it may skip and miss the suspicious files altogether. What if your system is actually flooded by the unusual formats and files? Then it’s similar to having no protective system at all.

The Decision to Choose an Antivirus


Not everyone thinks that having an antivirus system is important. It may sound weird but not everyone feels that such a system would be beneficial for them. So, before you decide to choose an antivirus, ask yourself these questions.

  • What do you think of the antivirus or anti-malware programs? What do you think of their importance or functions?
  • Do you want to have one for your computer?
  • What do you expect from your antivirus program? What features do you want to find or enjoy?
  • Which one do you prefer, the free service or the paid one?

The decision to choose the right software depends on your preference and also requirements.  Whether you want a personal app or the professional-grade software, be honest to yourself.  Only by doing so, you can decide whether Smadav program would be the perfect one for you.

Why Windows 10 Updates Take so Long

We all know that updating windows will take a long time, but how about two or three hours waiting for the updating? Why Windows 10 updates take so long? Are you sure if it’s still normal for updating? Well, here is the problem that commonly comes up with Windows 10 updates.

Windows 10 takes a while to complete the updates because Microsoft is constantly adding larger files and new features. In addition, it has a lot of regular updates with some improvements, especially about fixing the bugs. Well, take it, for example, the latest Fall Creators update that can take up to four hours to install. Whereas, it takes even longer if you have nearly filled hard drive.

Apart from all of the reasons above, here are some more reasons why do Windows 10 updates take so long.

Why Windows 10 Updates Take so Long?

The speed of your internet connection

Sometimes a faster connection is all you need. You can consider switching to fiber optic cables or purchasing more bandwidth from your internet service provider. In addition, you can use bandwidth management tools to ensure enough network resources are reserved for your Windows 10 updates. Moreover, the bandwidth hogs that you need are different with Skype or Youtube.

The bandwidth that you use is really affecting your internet connection speed. Thus, you need to consider whether your bandwidth is big enough or not. Remember, Windows 10 is different from Youtube, Skype, FaceTime and any other related to that, so don’t take for granted.

Hard drive bad performance

Many Windows 10 updates need a lot of space in your hard drive. Thus, you need to leave enough room for them. This means deleting files and uninstalling software that you don’t need. In addition, you will also need to defragment your hard drive, so it can read and write files faster. This usually becomes the main reason why windows 10 updates take so long.

Spend more time to delete the junk files in your hard drive. That could help you to leave some space for Windows 10 without losing any important files. In addition, you can also delete some unimportant old files.

Update larger files

When your Windows 10 computer installs a major update, it goes through two phases. There is an online and offline phase. Moreover, the offline update is what you see at a progress screen. In addition, most of the heavy lifting was done during the offline phase.

Microsoft is shifting to a system similar to the one in Google Chrome. When Chrome receives an update, the new files are pulled down and set up in a temporary folder. Moreover, when you close and restart Chrome, the updated files are quickly copied to replace the old ones. Thus, the update process will take a lot longer with Windows 10 that it would do like Chrome. It is because Windows will update more than one app.

Rewrites the registry

Windows has to rewrite the registry whenever it installs an update which is different with others. For instance, Linux will rewrite the Idconfig database after everything is done. This is why Windows 10 updates take so long especially.

Startup Programs

Third-party applications always conflict with the update because they start at the same time. Therefore, you may try performing a clean boot of Windows 10 before attempting to get the new update.

However, if multiple downloads aren’t attempted and you still experience the slowness, then it may come from broken software components. In addition, the components are preventing the installation from running smoothly. Therefore, if you find those issues, try the following things to make your update less long.

  • Free up storage and defragment your hard drive.
  • Run Windows Update Troubleshooter.
  • Disable startup software.
  • Optimize your network.
  • Schedule updates for low-traffic periods.

Those all the reasons of Windows 10 take so long to update and how to make it less long. Well, I hope this article helps you and gives the answer to your problem.

[Answer] How To Hard Restart iPhone 7

Do you want to know How To Hard Restart iPhone 7? Possessing iPhone 7 sometimes needs tricks in the usage. You will experience a hard reset, enter recovery and enter into DFU which are a little bit harder in iPhone 7 because it has no mechanical button just like the common phone. iPhone 7 has actually a capacitive solid-state button which is controlled and managed by the software. Thus, iPhone 7 may perform a hard way of restarting.

To solve this problem, you need only to adopt a new button combination to let iPhone perform the tasks such as restarting, resetting, or entering recovery. What you are going to do is to know How To Hard Restart iPhone 7 that will be described in brief as follows:

Get a Trick How To Hard Restart iPhone 7 Easily:

Restarting iPhone Forcefully

Restarting means hard resetting. If you keep trying on restarting iPhone 7 forcefully, all you need to do is to press and hold the Sleep/Wake button + Volume Down button for about 10 seconds. The home button will definitely change and be replaced by the volume down button during the restarting process.

There will be a side-effect to this procedure of How To Hard Restart iPhone 7. The HUD Volume will appear on your screen every time you want to restart the phone forcefully. Actually, this is not a big deal.

Getting Into Recovery Mode

Sometimes, getting into recovery mode always comes with restarting the phone either before or after. You can actually get into the mode by following these steps:

  • Connect your iPhone to Mac or PC where using USB cable is possible.
  • Tap and hold the Sleep/Wake button as well as the Volume Down button until you don’t see the screen on. It means that the screen will appear to be off.
  • If the Apple logo appears, continue to press the Sleep/Wake button as well as Volume down button.
  • Release those button above when you a message of “Connect to iTunes appear on the iPhone 7 screen.
  • Launch the iTunes and you will receive a message entitled “There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored.

Getting into DFU Mode

One of the things you have to know besides How To Hard Restart iPhone 7 is getting into DFU mode. This process also requires a change. Consider these steps below:

  • Like getting into recovery mode, getting into DFU mode also requires you to connect your iPhone 7 to your PC or Mac using a USB cable.
  • Tap and hold the Sleep/Wake button as well as the Volume Down button for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Release the tap and hold the Sleep/Wake button. But you must continue holding the Volume Down button for about 10 seconds more.
  • Launch the iTunes and read the message “iTunes has detected an iPhone in Recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.”
  • All is done.


In conclusion, possessing a smartphone like iPhone 7 requires tricks in the usage. One of which is How To Hard Restart iPhone 7. Never feel doubt to come back to this page whenever you have a problem with restarting your iPhone 7.

Best 3 Messaging and Chat App, Free!

Best 3 Messaging and Chat App, Free!

Since nowadays world works much on technology, the way of life become extremely increasing including the way of communication that people build. Thus, you need what is called by Best Messaging and Chat App.

Messaging and chat app is now available in various types and compatible either with the computer system or smartphone. From times to times, messaging and chat apps show a greater increase and develop into an up-to-date app suiting the world need. It is ranging from the term of messaging apps and chat apps both from the old one such as Yahoo Messenger and the modern one such as Whatsapp.

On this page, you will find a review about Best Messaging and Chat App you can download and use optimally.

Best 3 Messaging and Chat App

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is one of the most popular chat app widely used around the world nowadays. it plays an important role in providing a live chat with easy accessibility, particularly on the world social network Facebook.com.

Along with the Facebook messenger, you will be able to run on chatting and messaging with your friends or community on Facebook. Besides, you can use some unique stickers added to your conversation so that your chat looks more interesting. Facebook messenger is one of the Best Messaging and Chat App that also enables you to receive notifications fast.

Facebook Messenger can be best downloaded on FileHorseFile. Don’t worry about the memory space you will use because it requires only 512 KB. Download it for free now and get the best chat.


Other messaging and chat app deal with the live video streams as well as webcams. In this case, you are able to add text comments and images with logotype to the webcam stream you are using. If you want to add effects to your video chats, you can do that by using AlterCamp. Thus, you can have fun with your friends around the world.

You may download AlterCamp at free and need 42.6MB to save the app on your PC.

Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime comes aimed to make online meetings at which you can be able to organize the meeting on time with an easy joining. Amazon Chime lets you know who comes in the meeting and who comes late as well.

As one of the Best Messaging and Chat Apps, Amazon Chime is compatible not only with your Windows but also with Android, iOS, and Mac. Therefore, this app is considered proper for office use. Don’t hesitate to install this messaging and chat app to create an easier and more organized meeting.

This messaging and chat app can be downloaded 100% free with the memory requirement of 47.3 MB.


In conclusion, you really need the Best Messaging and Chat App to support your way of communication using up-to-date technology. The 3 messaging and chat apps we have just reviewed in this article are expected to be helpful for you as background information about messaging and chat app you want to install on your PC.

How To Reset Network Settings On Android Easily

How To Reset Network Settings On Android Easily

Ever find a smartphone abruptly lost its connectivity? The internet suddenly crash without any sign even if the connection has been opened? Every smartphone with any operation system (OS) has the same problem, including Android-supported phone. Most Android network would work well, actually. But sometimes, the network seems troubled for no reason. So, how to fix it? Dear users, be relieved. Here we serve ways to reset network settings on Android right for your smartphone spec.

Reset Network Settings On Android

  • Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is the first OS we will talk about. If the Android smartphone has OS with 4.1 – 4.3.1 generation, then it should briefly be called as Jelly Bean OS.

To access the reset network menu on Jelly Bean, first, go to settings menu. Then search for More Settings. After the menu is opened, click Wireless and Networks. Do the checking on your connected devices such as data roaming and APN. If there is no problem with it, tap the APN menu. At last, click “Reset to default”.

  • KitKat

KitKat is the official name for OS Android with 4.4 to 4.4.4 generation. It is a more advanced version of Jelly Bean OS. Therefore it has some different reset network settings rather than its former version.

To load reset network menu on Kitkat, make sure the mobile data is turned on. Then go to Application. Look for the Settings app. Below Wireless and Network menu, click Data Usage. After that, search for APN menu and tap Reset to Default button.

  • Lollipop

Lollipop Android has very advanced network settings. However, it’s also arising some problems such as bug and lag.  Hence it has new features like HSPA+ 3G and LTE, the bugging of the network just can hardly be prevented.

For the users who are still using Lollipop, this is the guide how to reset network settings on Android Lollipop. First, try to turn off the data for a minute. If it doesn’t work, just reset the APN. Go ahead to Settings. Click the “More” button. Afterward, tap the Cellular Network option, and then click Access Point Name. There will lay two options, add new APN and the Reset button. Ignore the first one and tap the option after.

  • Marshmallow

For the users of Android 6.0, here it is a way to reset networks settings on Android Marshmallow version.

First, remember that this reset wouldn’t just affect internet connection. But also, all the connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. After that, you can go to the Setting menu. Click “Backup and Reset” button. Then tap on the “Network Setting Reset”. Click once more on “Reset Setting” button. Once the warning message appears, click the Reset Setting. Finish!

  • Nougat

Reset network settings on Android Nougat (7.0 generation) are quite similar to the previous version. What distinguishes them is on the first steps.

First, the Nougat users will have to go to the Settings app. They don’t need to go to “Backup and Reset” menu beforehand. They should look for the Wireless and Networks menu, instead. After that, click “Network Setting Reset”. Click the warning option that appears.

  • Oreo and Pie

On Android Oreo and Pie, to reset the network is also the same as Android Nougat. So, just follow how to reset the network on Android Nougat above.

That is all guide how to reset network settings on Android, from Jelly Bean to Android Pie version. If you think it is too hard, just contact the smartphone service nearby.

5 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android

5 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android

Are you the one who cannot live without music? If so, there is no doubt that you belong to the ones who need easy access to good music wherever and whenever you are. Fortunately, there is various music streaming apps for Android that you can install on your android devices so that you can listen to your favorites not only to kill the boredom but to boost the mood as well. The following list provides you with different music streaming apps that you need to have in your android devices.

Top Music Streaming Apps for Android

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is definitely one of the most popular and the best music streaming apps for android users. With around 3 million songs in its library that you can stream, you surely have the access to your favorite songs based on different release dates and genres. There is one thing that you surely love about this app. Google Play Music allows you to upload up to 50,000 songs into your personal library making it your biggest personal music locker.


For most music streaming fans, Spotify should be one of the most popular music streaming apps for Android. Rumors even said that this app has inspired many to work on developing a similar project. Today, there have been over 75 million subscribers who enjoy streaming more than 30 million tracks. For the free account, you can enjoy the Shuffle Play only. However, you can go to the paid version in order to play any songs you want, listen offline, and enjoy everything in ad-free.

Apple Music

Apple Music is Apple’s first music streaming service which is accessible not only for android but iOS users as well. The elegant design makes it a great app to try. There are more than 45 million songs in its playlist that you can stream along with awesome features including custom playlists, radio shows, and more. Apple Music comes as a paid app which costs at $5 to $15 per month. In addition, you can upload up to 100,000 favorite songs into Apple server.


When audio quality really matters to you, TIDAL is the one that you need to consider. For sure, it does not mean that the other apps have worse quality than this one. The reason why we state so is that of the claim made saying that this app has more than 25 million tracks with high-quality audio. The features offered are an offline mode, customized suggestions, quick access to music videos, and more interesting interviews with trending musicians.


SoundCloud is an extremely popular music streaming app for indie musicians. This app provides indie music creators to upload their works and share them with other users across the globe. This is the reason why we put this app on the list. Therefore, if you are the one who creates your own, this one is undoubtedly the right app to try.

Well, those are five music streaming apps for Android that you need to consider trying. There are a lot more apps to check out, but we suggest you try the top five of our recommendation. Keep visiting our website for more updates.

HP Envy Photo 7800 Review & Printer Driver Information

HP Envy Photo 7800 is an all-in-one printer that specializes in printing good-looking photos and is capable of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. With the functions, this is one of the right options to take into account when you need a multifunction printer for home office or small business use. For sure, you may also use this one at home because this promises you the high-quality photo printing. The features offered are also awesome.

HP Envy Photo 7800 Functions and Features

When you check out the dimension, Envy Photo 7800 is relatively big especially when you compare it to other types that belong to the Envy Series. However, with a careful arrangement, you will not find big problems to place it on your desktop.

As stated previously, this printer is great for printing photos. You can use it to print lab-quality photos by yourself. However, this is one the only one that this printer offers. This model is also capable of producing fine quality outputs for standard printing tasks. In addition, this printer is also equipped with automatic duplexer and ADF that allow you to do your printing jobs more effectively.

One of the good aspects of this printer is the twin input trays. The main input drawer is commonly for plain or standard papers with a maximum capacity of 125 sheets with the secondary one, mainly for photo papers, can hold up to 15 sheets of paper. The output tray can deal with 15 sheets of paper. In addition, the automatic document feeder is able to be loaded with up to 35 sheets of paper.

Another thing that you will love from this printer is the mobile printing capability. Well, this printer supports some mobile printing options including HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and, of course, wireless direct printing. The SC card slot is also there to help you use your SD card to print the files you store inside or to save the scanned outputs to.

HP Envy Photo 7800 Printer Driver

One thing that you have to always remember before you use any printer is installing the printer drivers. For sure, you will get the CD driver once you buy a printer product. However, you may also try different ways to deal with the installation. For instance, you can search for downloadable driver software from the internet to be installed in your PC. For sure, you have to make sure that you only visit a trusted website to find the software. In this case, you may need to consider following the link we give above.

Wanna Download the PC Software? Use FileHippo for It!

In this technology era, you can see there are many advanced technologies which you can use it to help you do your activities in the best way. If you would like to have new software on your PC, you just have to find the right website to download it.

You need to notice that shouldn’t download and install the software from unknown websites. There are many people who have modified the software and fills up with many viruses which can damage your PC. It means you should find the right secured website to install the new software you need.

From many secured download website which you can get, you can visit the FileHippo sites. It helps you to get much software you need in the best and secure way. You don’t need to be afraid that the viruses can spread out on your PC cause of installation new software.

What the FileHippo?

Have you heard about FileHippo before? It is one of the secured download websites that offer you much computer software for Windows. While visiting this website, you can see sections listing of the most popular downloads and the most recently updated program; organized by category, and many more.

This website was established in 2004 by Well Known Media, the UK-based technology company. This site is available in some languages like Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Italian, French, Spanish, German, and also English.

Besides to download and install the new software, you also are able to use the FileHippo App Manager. It is a kind of a free program which many people can use for scanning their computer from the outdated software. After the scanning has done, you can see there are many offer links to get the recent versions of the software itself.

The Features of FileHippo

While you are using this website, you can get some features which can help you to use their site in the best way. What kind of features you can get from them? Here we are:

  • They are focus on the quality of the software, so you can get the best software from their website.
  • They serve you fast connections to allow you to download their software as fast as possible.
  • They keep the old version of any software. If you upgrade certain software and you don’t like it, you can return the software to the old
  • All software is virus free and 100% spyware.
  • They provide a filtering It is for the show the Non-beta software or and Freeware.
  • They give you full support for download managers and resuming the download.
  • You can change the technical details and log for downloads.
  • You can get the RSS feeds for all individual, categories, and updates programs.
  • You can use the new US and European servers.
  • You can optimize the pages to get faster browsing.
  • You can use the Update Checker to scan your PC machine for old software and upgrade it if you want.

With those features you can get from their website, it will help you so much to search what kind of software you need or what kind of software you need to upgrade. You just have to make sure that you use the site in the right way.

Is It Safe to Upgrade the Software?

By providing those features for any internet user, it will help you a lot to arrange well about what kind of software you need to upgrade or not. You can choose whether the software should be upgraded or later.

You need to know that the computer should be upgraded gradually to keep the computer safe. Once it needs to upgrade, you have to upgrade it for your data security. By using the features of this site, it helps you a lot to upgrade the new software version. If you don’t need to upgrade it, it may your computer works slower than before because the machine needs to be upgraded gradually.

If you are asking is it safe to upgrade the software by using the features of it, the answer is yes, it is safe, as long as you visit their official site. Thus, would you like to use FileHippo Free Software to install or upgrade your software?

Are You a Gamer? The Best PC Games Shouldn’t Miss!

Do you like playing the game in your break time? There are many games you can play by you or play with friends or multi-player online. This day, you can choose the games as many as you like because right now the many new popular games have been widely released.

While playing games, do you like playing with mobile phone or PC? Some gamers love playing games from PC because it has a wider screen, and perhaps you do. If you would like to play the games on PC, what kinds of games you like to play more?

Many Categories of PC Games You Should Know

Before you are going to download and play the PC games, you should know that there are many categories of games you can play. Two of them are:

Top Classic Free PC Games

If you like to play the classic free games, here are some top classic games for you:

  • StarCraft

It is the longest-serving games on the sports circuit, with the pro scene will make you can get the best classic games ever. It is free to download and also it can help you to pump up your action-per-minute and you can earn the infinite from zero investment.

  • The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall

It is the enormous RPG set in Breton, the homeland of High Rock. You can see this game has many features like reputation and enchanting, also guilds system.

  • SimCity

If you would like to feel nostalgia, you can play this SimCity game. You can play this game in all browsers you had on your PC. It lets you to bring commerce and housing to a land of chunky.

  • Tribes 2

It is a free game for you. you can get the experience for playing the multiplayer games.

  • FreeCiv

It is a strategy game of civilization which available in 33 languages. It is also a free game which you can play it any time.

Top Exploration Games for PC

Besides classic games, if you like to have the exploration games, these are top exploration games you can play daily to achieve the goal:

  • These Monsters

It offers an intensely colorful monster and art gallery experience. You are able to explore the structure litter with the pictures and TV’s of beasts.

  • Bernband

You can get the adventure in the future city and complete with the seedy drinking and hovercars. Unfortunately, the game is confusing and blocky, so you have to follow the story carefully.

  • Off-peak

Do you like seeing scrapbook? While playing the Off-peak, it seems like you are visiting the scrapbook which is made from the jazz fusion dream. It is weird but it is brilliant. You can see the space furnished with the manner of oddities.

Those are the top PC games you can play. Well, if you would like to play the online games, you just have to make sure that you use enough and stable internet connection. If you don’t have them, the loading will take so long time to play. It is your decision to play the online or offline games.