Things You Need to Know about Roblox Game

This day, when you see in the app store on your mobile phone, you will see there are tons of game options you can play. If you give your children a mobile phone, it will be so much better if you watch what kind of games that they play every day.

Even though it is just a game, you, as parents, should limit them from any violence in games. You usually will meet it in the war, shoot, or such as games like that. By preventing them to play the violent games, it means you don’t let them to copycat bad attitude from the game itself.

Many children like to do what they see from television, games, real life, and many more. Don’t give them a chance of developing the bad attitude. Thus, you need to watch and control their games on their mobile phone. If you would like to give them games, you can consider giving the Roblox games.

What Is It?

Have you heard about Roblox games before? Well, it is a kind of platform for multi-player online social gaming. You shouldn’t worry because it is free for you and you can find it easily on your app store.

The developer has released this game in 2006 and you can play it on Windows 10, Xbox One, Amazon Fire devices, Android, iPad, and iPhone. Even though it is a free game, you can see there are some in-app purchases.

While you are visiting the site, you will see many games options to play. There are some top games of Roblox like Murder Mystery, Phantom Forces, Welcome to the Town of Robloxia, Work at a Pizza Place, and Jailbreak.

You can let them play this game because they can create their own adventures or just join games that have been created by the other users. It helps them to improve their creativity of creating the new game.

It has a virtual currency which many users can use it, named as Robux. You can use this virtual currency to buy certain things like limited items, shirts, gear, cool accessories, and more.

Is It Safe to Play for Child?

If you are asking is it safe to play with your child? You should know that this game is not safe 100% because some games of Roblox is for 12+ only. It contains fantasy violence, mild or infrequent cartoon, and mild realistic violence.

How Can I Control Them?

However, you don’t have to be worried because you can take control of the game itself. For this problem, in Roblox game, there is Parent PIN. You can activate this PIN to ban your child play certain games. It will help them to don’t open the games with high violence on it.

Besides, you can check to the history of their account about what kind of games that they played, purchasing and trading history, followers, friends, and private message history. Thus, you can’t lose your control to see what kind of games that your children play.