Top 10 Android Browsers for Smartphone

Browser is a platform to help us for searching any information which we need. It can serve more or less thousands sites or web pages based on the information you need. You just have to use it to get further information about anything, starts from the business until the daily activities.

This day, you can see many options of browser that you can use. Usually, while you are buying the mobile phone, you can see that there is one or two browsers from it. You can use them or download the new one to help you surfing on the best way.

Would Like to Know About Them?

There are 5 best browsers which you need to know. What are they? Here we go!

  • Google Chrome

Almost all of the mobile phones are using Google Chrome as their Android browser. Why not? It offers advanced features which can help you to surf on the internet easily. It features with automatically filling web forms with your saved data, browsing in private browser by using Incognito mode, searching from address bar, serving up news article in the first homepage, and many more.

Once you have a Google account, it syncs with your history across devices, tabs, and bookmarks. If you would like to use this browser in advanced, you need to login first with your Google account and everything will run effectively.

  • Opera

Outside of Google Chrome, many people like to use Opera as their main internet browser. It also has many advanced features you can use while surfing on the internet. Wanna know what kind of features you can get on this browser? You can get auto-complete forms because it has password management system; built-in data saver to keep you surfing longer; good Incognito mode; smart news feed on its homepage; searching something with scan QR codes, built-in ad blocker; and many more.

  • Firefox

Firefox is made from the non-profit Mozilla Foundation has uniqueness as the browser. It can help you so much to get the best experience in browsing information you need. You can see that this browser has many features like a text-to-speech engine; AdBlock Plus; password manager LastPass; themes to change up the look of your mobile browser based on your personality; night viewing mode; privacy controls, bookmarks, tab syncing features, and many more.

  • Puffin

Would you like to get a different way to browse the internet? Using the Puffin browser can be the best options for you. It is not like the other browsers because it is support for the Adobe Flash content. Another plus point is you can get super-fast loading for download or stream the videos, Flash games, or web pages because it is using remote servers.

It has a handful of add-ons like Pocket, Facebook, and Twitter, data compression, and privacy mode. Unfortunately, this browser is not available in some countries. Thus, make sure you find out first about it.

  • Dolphin

The last best browser for your mobile phone is Dolphin. It is one of the competitive browsers you can consider to use. There are many improvements you can get on it. The features you can get like simply log in to your Facebook or Google account, bookmarks will sync directly in the background, install the corresponding Firefox or Chrome extension, Dolphin Connect, password syncing, private browsing, tabbed browsing, and many more.

Those are the 5 best browsers for the mobile phone. What kind of browser do you use today? Is it Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Puffin, or Dolphin? It is all up to your decision to use what kind of browser that you like so much.