Wanna Play The Best Puzzle Game? Play Candy Crush Saga!

Gaming is one of the relaxing activities which many people like either they are oldest or youngest one. You can see many options of games for PC, Facebook, or mobile phone. You should know that some games require your age before playing the game. It will be so much better if you take the game based on your age.

An example, if you are 7 to 16 ages, you can play the puzzle, brain, psychology, or any games which can boost your brain effectively. Don’t take any war or such games like it because it is not good for your character. Either you, as parents, should watch carefully about what kind of games that your kids play. Not all of the games on PC or mobile phone are good for their development character.

Let’s Play the Candy Crush Saga

If your kids want to play the game, you can download the puzzle game like Candy Crush Saga on their mobile phone or PC. The puzzle games can help your kids to solve the obstacle productively. It seems like playing games to develop their brain in taking any decision in the right way.

How it can works? Let’s see. In the puzzle game such as Candy Crush Saga, there will be some obstacles to pass. It helps brain to find the solutions toward its obstacle. A higher level will have a higher difficulty and automatically their brain will be trained to find another way to finish the level.

What Is the Candy Crush Saga?

Have you heard about the Candy Crush Saga game before? It is a three-match puzzle video game with no in-app purchase. It is the best options for you who want to train your decision maker effectively.

You should know that not all of gamers can reach higher level easily. Even though this game doesn’t have any zombie or something like that, it is fun enough to play. Furthermore, while you can get higher level, the difficulty level is higher too.

The publisher of this game, King, has made this game for any platforms like Linux, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Store, Google Play, and App Store. It was released for the browser on April 12, 2012; for iOS on November 14, 2012; for Android on December 14, 2012; for Fire OS on December 11, 2014; for Windows Phone on September 6, 2012; and for Microsoft Windows on July 29, 2015.

How to Play It?

If you are interested to play this game, you can download it first on your PC or mobile phone. Then, open and start the app. While the first time you play it, there will be a direction on how to play the games. You should match three or more same candies’ colors on the board. When you success to eliminate the same colors, there will appear the new one which can potentially create new matches.

If you would like to get higher scores in the short time, you can match four or more same candies’ colors. Besides getting higher score, you can create a unique candy which acts as a power-up, for larger eliminating abilities.

You also should know that every level has different goals to complete. You have to complete the levels by collecting a certain type of candy, gaining certain score, completing the game in limited time, and moving in limited moves amount.

When you run out of moves amount or ideas to play, you are able to buy certain power-ups to help you. You need to spend coins you have collected on a game or the real money to buy them. Thus, you can try to play this game for your kids.