Are You a Gamer? The Best PC Games Shouldn’t Miss!

Do you like playing the game in your break time? There are many games you can play by you or play with friends or multi-player online. This day, you can choose the games as many as you like because right now the many new popular games have been widely released.

While playing games, do you like playing with mobile phone or PC? Some gamers love playing games from PC because it has a wider screen, and perhaps you do. If you would like to play the games on PC, what kinds of games you like to play more?

Many Categories of PC Games You Should Know

Before you are going to download and play the PC games, you should know that there are many categories of games you can play. Two of them are:

Top Classic Free PC Games

If you like to play the classic free games, here are some top classic games for you:

  • StarCraft

It is the longest-serving games on the sports circuit, with the pro scene will make you can get the best classic games ever. It is free to download and also it can help you to pump up your action-per-minute and you can earn the infinite from zero investment.

  • The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall

It is the enormous RPG set in Breton, the homeland of High Rock. You can see this game has many features like reputation and enchanting, also guilds system.

  • SimCity

If you would like to feel nostalgia, you can play this SimCity game. You can play this game in all browsers you had on your PC. It lets you to bring commerce and housing to a land of chunky.

  • Tribes 2

It is a free game for you. you can get the experience for playing the multiplayer games.

  • FreeCiv

It is a strategy game of civilization which available in 33 languages. It is also a free game which you can play it any time.

Top Exploration Games for PC

Besides classic games, if you like to have the exploration games, these are top exploration games you can play daily to achieve the goal:

  • These Monsters

It offers an intensely colorful monster and art gallery experience. You are able to explore the structure litter with the pictures and TV’s of beasts.

  • Bernband

You can get the adventure in the future city and complete with the seedy drinking and hovercars. Unfortunately, the game is confusing and blocky, so you have to follow the story carefully.

  • Off-peak

Do you like seeing scrapbook? While playing the Off-peak, it seems like you are visiting the scrapbook which is made from the jazz fusion dream. It is weird but it is brilliant. You can see the space furnished with the manner of oddities.

Those are the top PC games you can play. Well, if you would like to play the online games, you just have to make sure that you use enough and stable internet connection. If you don’t have them, the loading will take so long time to play. It is your decision to play the online or offline games.